I love Thanksgiving.  It is my opportunity to acknowledge all the abundance in my life.  I am truly grateful for the people, the events, the days and times that make up my life.  This year I have referred to my life as a “rich tapestry.” As I look back at my life, I realize there are some good things, some not so good things, but nevertheless, the experiences and the people make it rich and interesting to me.

This year, I have been very blessed to work with business owners and see their growth.  It’s exciting to see people engaged in what they are doing and see the growth the company experiences.  I am honored to do my work.  I also started another business, representing a line of anti-aging products.  I do this part time and it keeps me involved in something I am passionate about – staying fit, active and healthy.

From week to week, the interaction I have with wonderful friends that are loving, kind, and always interesting, make me a very rich woman.  I have a funny, caring sister, Kathy Ferrari, that supports me and loves me.  We spent some time together this year and still talk on the phone almost daily.  I have two sons, two daughter-in-laws and four grandchildren.  Time spent with this group causes me to lose track of time and come away in awe of how quickly time passes.  I love my children and their children.  I am so thankful for each of them!

I am thankful for my health.  For all the time I spend reading, hiking, biking, working out, cooking and eating healthy meals.  I am also thankful for the times I don’t eat healthy and I don’t work out.  Again, all of it helps to weave the rich tapestry of my life.  I enjoy my spiritual practice and the time spent reading, praying, meditating and journaling.  This helps to keep me centered.  I am certainly not perfect at any of this, and know I won’t ever be.

This was an interesting year because I took more vacations than I normally do.  I spent four weeks on a beach – one week at a time.  In May I went to Seaside in Florida with Kathy and Steve, sister and brother-in-law.  Then in July I went with my sons and their families to Perdido Key.  And then in August I went to Isle of Palm, Charleston, SC.  This was my first time to visit Charleston.  I loved it and want to go back.  And finally I went back to Seaside with girlfriends, Betty and Lauren.  We read, we walked, we laughed, we danced, we colored, we shopped and we relaxed.  I enjoyed a very abundant summer.

And then there were changes!  The first change was great for my dear friend, Jane and hard for me.  Jane Andrews is one of my closest friends and has been for almost 30 years.  We’re like sisters.  We have traveled together, lived together when times got hard for one of us, shared our thoughts and dreams, and fought over crazy things and then made things right.  She has taught me so much about how to hang in there with friends.  I thought she would always be in Nashville, just a quick phone call away, ready to come whenever I needed her.  Well of all things, she fell in love and moved to Panama City, Panama.  We talk often, stay in contact, but I still miss her.  She is coming to town for Thanksgiving and will stay a week with me.  Her moving has reminded me not to take things and people for granted.

Also this year, I dated.  I even thought I was in love for a little while.  It didn’t work out for the long haul.  But it was wonderful and fun.  I want to fall in love again.

And of course, there will be more changes.  I am beginning to look at retirement (such a scary thought) – I am calling it “winding down, repurpose, realign, regroup” – but I know I am not ready to stop working all together.  I’m just thinking about next stages.

This Thanksgiving day we will enjoy our traditions.  I buy a couple of fried turkeys from a Boy Scout troop and go to my son and daughter-in-law, Bryan and Hollie’s really early.  Mariah, my granddaughter will be with me. We will all hang out and enjoy the food and each other – for the most part.  Someone might snap at someone else, after all we are family.  I will miss being with my son Kevin, my daughter-in-law Dawn and my grandson Gabriel.  I will miss sharing this holiday with my sister and her family.

I love Thanksgiving.  I am rich in the things that count.  I am a very blessed woman.

Thank you! For being part of my life.