hy Isn’t My Networking Working?

Watch this video to learn 3 simple rules for getting results from your networking activities. I’ve included the transcript of the video below.


Use these 3 simple strategies for immediately improving your networking effectiveness.

“Three Rules for Marketing”

Hi. I’m Susan Depue, I’m the founder of Growth Pointe Strategies. You know business owners will say to me my networking is not working. I spent a lot of time and spent a lot of money and yet I don’t get any business out of it. Well, if all you do is just go to the meeting that’s not truly what networking is, you’re just socializing. Networking is about making a connection and there are 3 rules for effective networking.

Rule #1 – Go deep into an organization and not wide into a lot of organizations. Don’t join five or six, join one or two and become very involve in those one or two.

Rule #2 – Connect with a limited number of people. Every time you go to a meeting, connect with 3 people. Often I see business owners running around, grabbing business cards as fast as they can. You know what? They are not connecting with anyone. To fix this simply connect with three people. Connect with somebody brand new that you think you’d like to do business with or they could do business with you; reconnect with someone that you haven’t seen in a while- spent some time reconnecting; and then the third thing to do while you’re at the event is find someone you can help. We’re always more effective when we’re helping someone else.

Rule #3 – Follow up, follow up, follow up. Have coffee, send an email, send an article about something you talked about. Follow up and stay in touch.

Remember, networking takes time. You have got to have a giving attitude but you can grow your business through networking.

Let me know some of the ways networking has worked for you.