Hi. My name is Susan DePue and this is my story……

I was a a high school math teacher, a bookkeeper and an office manager. I was 33 and needed to get serious about my career. I didn’t want just any career. I wanted one with unlimited potential, complete autonomy and (of course), one where I could make lots of money. I wanted to work with business owners and I wanted to have plenty of contact with people. Eventually, I decided that a career in sales would meet my criteria and after further deliberation, decided to try my hand at insurance sales.

During one of the many interviews I completed during my job search, one life insurance company asked me to take an assessment designed to reveal my selling-style. The assessment results showed that I was motivated and outgoing; someone who would have no problem meeting new people and working with them. However, the assessment also said that I wouldn’t do a good job of closing the sale. That, plus the fact that I was new to Nashville and didn’t know many people made me a marginal hire.

The company took a risk and hired me. However, after 18 months in the business, I realized that this assessment had painted a very accurate picture of my probability for success. I was failing-and failing miserably. In an attempt to salvage my career, I changed agencies thinking that more and better training would turn things around. Nothing worked. My insurance career was in a nose dive and there was no pulling out of it.

At this point, I got mad. This wasn’t the way things were supposed to work. ANYONE can sell insurance, I kept telling myself. Just try harder. Go on to the next person and if he says no, go on to the next. Just don’t give up.

I would love to tell you that I read a great book or took an enlightening course or hired an expert to turn things around. I did none of these things. I was too broke and too ashamed. But I kept going. I just kept working, evaluating what seemed to get the best results, studying successful people and doing more of the things that seemed to be working. Little by little, things started getting better. I teamed up with a successful agent to do the things he didn’t want to do. Eventually, I started selling. Armed with experience, drive and all the lessons I’d learned during my years of watching, evaluating and trying on new behaviors for size, things started to change.

By my sixth year in the insurance business, I was earning a six figure income and have been ever since. I’ve never stopped studying what successful business sales people do differently-and better-than others. I’ve copied the successful ones and learned from those who failed. Every experience and every interaction has been an opportunity to learn what works-and rule out what doesn’t.

After many years of success in the insurance business, I felt the calling to share my experience with others. I began coaching business owners and sales professionals. Eventually, I was certified as a coach through Coach University and completed specialized training to become a Guerilla Marketing Certified Coach.

Today, I help marginal hires take the express lane to success. My mission is to help you be more successful by sharing tips, strategies and insights that you can put into practice right away. Some of this work I do in my key note presentations and sales conferences. Some of my work is done one-on-one or in group coaching sessions. All of my work is designed to help people like you be more successful.

Today, it’s your turn. With the help of my book, my presentations, and the companion materials, you’ll reap the benefits of my years of experience. Forget about trial and error! You’ll gain the insight you need to be successful-right now. You’ll rediscover that you-and you alone-are in charge of your future. Whether you’re a marginal hire, a natural star or somewhere in between, YOU can have the Outrageous Success you’ve always wanted.