The POWER of



The questions we ask determine our lives. This is a profound statement, don’t you think?


Your business will flourish when you ask questions.

What market do I serve best?

What strategies will reach my customers?

What do I do best?

How can I improve my products?


Your relationships will flourish when you ask questions.

How can I be more supportive?

What is really needed here?

What am I assuming?

Where can we improve?

Am I giving 100%?

Am I being kind and loving?


Your life will be more fulfilling and less stressful when you ask questions.

What one thing can I be focusing on right now?

What can I delete from my life?

How can I improve?

What am I truly happy about in my life right now?

What is really lousy in my life?

What is really great in my life?

What am I thankful for at this moment?


Questions determine our direction. Actions determine our destiny. When you have an answer you must then act on it. Let’s ask great questions and take bold actions.


 “Asking the right questions takes as much skill as giving the right answers.” - Robert Half