In a world filled with consultants – all are NOT equal. Susan delivers relevant and valuable insights with actionable steps that create results.

Karen Stirling, Stirling Advisors, LLC


I was fortunate to meet Ms. Susan at the Nashville Business Incubation Center. She was one of the most captivating speakers that had come through the center when I was there. She spoke of her mother’s country store and the life lessons she learned there, some key business strategies that every business owner should be aware of and how we should implement those strategies if wanted to be more successful than we currently were. After her presentation, I knew I wanted to not only read her book but I was eager to answer all the questions in her book. Her book, Aim. Fire. Grow. is the smallest book I have ever read, but it is the one book that challenged me the most! One question took me about a year to answer! I reference it often to make sure I stay on track and focus. I now have a clear idea of what I am actually offering to my customers and it has made me so confident going forward. Thank you Susan!!

Nubian Simmons, MBA, 979 Agency, LLC


“I was faced with a problem determining the next steps in developing this business. I brought in GrowthPointe Strategies and they pointed me in the right direction. GPS is putting SourceMark on the map. Our sales are up over 35% during our first 12 months of working together.”

Richard Manson, President and CEO, SourceMark


“I hired Susan DePue to help our family business grow into a new market. In 2005, we met with Susan on a weekly basis to build a workable growth plan. Today we continue to work the plan we developed together with continued success. This new market now represents 20% of our new sales each and every year. I highly recommend Susan to any business owner who longs for a repeatable, measurable, implementable growth strategy”.

Erin Richardson, Owner, All-American Pest Control, Inc


“Susan brings structure, focus and energy to our team. As an accountability coach, she pushes us when we need to be pushed and encourages us when we need a shot of “can do” attitude. Because of her, we stay focused on the things we can control (our leading indicators) and our business is growing.”

Dana Moore, HMS Investment Advisors, Founding Partner


“I have been in business since 1997, and began working with Susan on and off in 2001 as my business coach. She provided a great deal of accountability and encouragement in those years. But when I brought her in as my VP of Operations in 2010, she was able to take all my ideas and everything we had accomplished to date and position us to really grow. We grew 60% that year, and are on track to grow 67% this year. She brings structure, focus and accountability. WholeCare Connections, Inc is a solid organization as we move forward, and it is because of Susan’s proven strategic methods. Thank you Susan!”

Elizabeth Moss, President, Caregivers by Wholecare, Inc.


“As entrepreneurs we often know many of the things we need to do but to have Susan keeping me on track and advising me in areas I was not familiar with have greatly improved my company and my effectiveness. Susan’s guidance as I opened my new business has made such a difference in how fast we have grown. Working with her is always a pleasure.”

Barbara Tyler, Owner, ICD Flooring


Susan brings expertise, energy and truth when she works with our clients.  Each participant walks away with a ready-to-implement marketing plan.”

Mildred Walters, Former Executive Director,
Nashville Business Incubation Center