Many times you go to a great training, attend a wonderful conference, or read a great book. The information learned is so impactful it can change your business. However, you get back in the office; start working, clients call, and lots of things need to be done. The book, the workbook, and many times the knowledge gained goes on the shelf while you scurry to make quotas and meet deadlines.This is why POWER UP was written. This is an easy to use workbook designed to train, educate, and remind sales people, owners, and professionals of things that will make selling and growing a business easier every week.

“Our salespeople have been asking for something like this but every program I looked into was way out of our budget and seemed like a one shot wonder. Power Up gives us a 52 week program targeted to areas each of us need guidance in.”
David A Moore, ChFC PAHM, President, Capital Benefits Group, LLC


The format is simple and written with the weekly sales meeting in mind.

We start with a QUOTE.
Next is the lesson, the NUGGET OF KNOWLEDGE. This is a one page lesson about sales and the sales process,  customer service, time  management, or personal growth.
Third are the LASER QUESTIONS. These are discussion questions for the group or the individual. There are enough here to choose from. Some will be better for you than others. You may only have twenty minutes and only time for one question. You may want to set aside enough time to cover all of these. The emphasis here is flexibility.
Last is the ACTION PLAN. This is simply the page where you write your commitment for the week. Unless action is taken knowledge is wasted. Next week, the lesson always begins with a REVIEW QUESTION. Did you take action this week based on the knowledge gained from last week?


I love the profession of selling. My aim is to make selling easier and more profitable for everyone brave enough to be the Owner, the Professional on their own, the Sales Manager or a member of the Sales Team.

May you all become millionaires!

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