The Aim.Fire.Grow Book is one you can read in an hour or while on an airplane. However, the ideas are BIG. The results from these ideas are HUGE! You will find it easy to slip it into your briefcase and refer back to it often.

“I received the copy of your book. I read it from cover to cover and quite enjoyed it. You packed great material into an accessible and practical format.”

Chris Witt, Witt Communications


If you find that one or more of these statements fit, then this book has solutions:

Sales are inconsistent.
Business growth is slow.
Presentations are ineffective.
“I’ll get back to you.” is a common response from prospects.
You are not sure where to go to find new customers.
You have too much to do and too little time.


Each chapter of the book gives you specific strategies, actions to take to implement these strategies, and examples of other business owners and how these strategies worked for them. Each chapter is followed by an applicable “Nugget of Knowledge” to summarize the information. When you are ready to get more focused, have more prospects, convert prospects to long term clients, and have more balance in your life, then you will want to spend an hour or two with this book. You will be challenged to then implement these strategies to see your sales grow and your business successful.


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