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Begin by always expecting good things to happen. –Tom Hopkins

The most powerful Sales Meetings are those in which everyone knows what is expected of them and participates. Strive for team contribution.

Design your meetings using your entire sales team.  Follow these 6 steps:


  1. Plan for regular meetings.
  2. Have an agenda and stick to it.
  3. Watch the clock.
  4. Set standards.
  5. Monitor what you mandate.
  6. Applaud successes.


1. Plan for regular meetings. Choose the same time and day each week. This is a great time to monitor activity, discuss new products, build skills, etc.

What will be covered in the meetings?

2. Have an agenda and stick to it. Knowing in advance what is going to be covered will give everyone a chance to think through comments and input. An agenda keeps things moving. Stay on track for greater efficiency.

Who will prepare the agenda each week?

What is the deadline for adding something to the agenda?

3. Watch the clock. Giving a time limit to each item on the agenda keeps subjects from dragging. By sticking with the time limit, everyone is forced to get to the point and eliminate unnecessary stories and examples.

Approximately how much time will be spent on each subject?

4. Set standards. If the meeting is to begin at 8:30 a.m. then start the meeting at 8:30 a.m.  Encourages everyone to take the meeting seriously. The same is true for ending the meeting, having an agenda, staying on the subject, and giving worthwhile information.

When will the meeting begin?

Where will the meeting be held?

5. Monitor what you mandate. If you say you want everyone to bring an example, then next meeting ask for the examples. Nothing is worse that asking your sales force to do something, and not following through with them to see if they did it. If you mandate ten calls a day, then ask for the report showing the ten calls.

What will be monitored?

How can each sales associate participate?

What would you like to be monitored on?

6. Applaud successes. Make sure you brag on those doing great things. Every meeting you should have at least one success. Selling can be a difficult job. Encouragement is needed and it needs to come from the top.

What are some of the things you need encouragement on?

How would you like these meetings to applaud your success?


We know sales can be very challenging. Sales is what makes everything possible. Our team requires our support, our commitment, our focus. Make the commitment to leading GREAT SALES MEETINGS!