Typical results are consistently over 40% growth in sales.

Working as your Business Development Officer, Susan develops your growth plan and works with you and your team to implement that plan.  High value activities and systems to sustain this growth produce ease in delivering your product and services. You will experience increased employee and customer satisfaction, plus increased sales and profits.


Most business owners reach a point where the business is stalled.


There is…

Too much to do and too little time
Resource deficiency for expansion of the product or entrance to a new market, and…
Sales have hit a ceiling that seems impossible to break through.


What can you expect?

A distinctive growth plan based on your business and your goals
Proven, measurable tactics
Growth in less time and with less stress
Your business will reach the next level in its evolution
To get Your life back again? You will have your life back.


You will have…

Increased sales
Increased profits
Increased value of the business