Mile Marker #51 on your Roadmap to Success

Personal reflection is nothing more than the habit of thinking.

There are many ways to use a personal journal. One idea for business growth is to use it daily in the following manner. At the end of each day write down the following:

List all activities, thoughts, and interactions. Just a brief note, or a few words about the activities you completed, what you thought most about, and whom you came in contact with on that day.

Note the specific activities you completed to reach your number one goal.

List the three things you will do tomorrow to reach your number one goal.


Use this as your benchmark

  • For measuring improvement.
  • For creating a daily reminder to keep the main thing the main thing.
  • For seeing your progress.
  • For staying focused.
  • For keeping centered.

Laser Questions

  1. What are the ways you improved over the past year?
  2. List all your accomplishments this year.
  3. What is your greatest accomplishment this year?
  4. What did you not accomplish that you wanted to?
  5. What were the things that gave you the greatest sense of happiness?
  6. Of these lessons, which impacted your business the most?