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I included the transcript below.

“How can I make my presentations Effective?”

Hi, I’m Susan Depue, and I’m the founder of Growth Pointe Strategies, you know, business owners will come to me and go “how can I make my presentations more effective?” “How do I get as many customers as I think I should?” And I go “well, you know it’s probably because you haven’t realized ‘what you’re selling is not what they’re buying!’ ” You know that’s counter intuitive for us because surely our product with all it’s features and benefits, that’s what they’re buying; but that’s not what they’re buying. Let me give you an example of this. When you call a florist and you order some flowers, so seldom do we ask “now what kind of flowers are you sending?” “where were they grown”? “how will you arrange them?” and “how long have they been picked?” You see, you don’t ask that because you’re really not buying flowers, you’re buying “I’m sorry” you’re buying “get well soon” you’re buying “congratulations” but you’re really not buying flowers. I’ll tell you who I think does this better than any company I know, and that’s the greeting card company Hallmark. You know, have you ever noticed in all of their commercials, they show us these wonderful family scenes, where we show our love and our appreciation? What we’re buying from Hallmark, is just that; an emotion. We’re not buying the card, because they’ve never even told us the quality of the paper, the originality of the verse nor how great they’re photographer or their artist is or how unique. They never mention that. Yet we spend $3, $4, $5 for a piece of cardboard. Why? Because, you see, we’re not buying the card, we’re buying the emotion. I’ll give you one more example of this. My credit card company that I use for my business, you see I also take credit cards ….they’re selling their credit card service? But that’s not what
I’m buying, I want to make it convenient for you to do business with me. So I’m buying convenience, I don’t want a credit card service, but I want to make it easy for you. So you see the difference?
So “Clearly know the difference between what you’re selling and what they’re buying”. And all your marketing becomes easier. I’d love to know what the difference between what your selling and what they’re buying is.