How will you grow your business?

Watch this video to learn how you can grow your business. I’ve included the transcript of the video below.

“How Am I Going to Grow my Business?”

Hi, I’m Susan Depue, I’m the founder of Growth Pointe Strategies. You know business owners will say to me “I don’t like to sell, so how am I going to grow my business? You know what? I agree with you, SELL is truly a 4-letter word. However, EDUCATE is not. If you know your prospect, if you ask them questions and listen carefully to them, and what situation they’re in, you can see how your product, your service will solve their problems. And then, if you know your product, and you know what you’re offering, then you simply educate the prospect, on how your product or your service will solve their problem. Don’t sell. Educate.