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Email travels at about  85,000 miles per second.



Communicating by e-mail is easy, inexpensive, and effective. It has changed the way businesses communicate. It can be an excellent tool for collaboration, marketing and customer service. If you run your own business you’re probably getting 100 emails a day, maybe more. As with everything, there are pros and cons to all these e-mails. Here are ten ways to make the process easier and less time-consuming.



  1. Don’t use your inbox as a catch-all Read, act, delete, or move the e-mail to an appropriate project-specific folder.


  1. Assist colleagues’ inbox-filtering efforts by agreeing on acronyms to use in the subject lines that will indicate the type of e-mail you are sending. For instance, <FYI> means “for your information” allowing the recipient to know that no action is required. You might use <ACT> for one that does require actions.


  1. Use “reply to all”. Send group mail only when it is useful.


  1. Ask to be removed from distribution lists that you don’t need to be on.


  1. Use the “Out of Office/Auto responder” feature so someone waiting on a response has an idea when to expect to hear from you and you can add FAQ’s


  1. If possible, send a message that is only in the subject Use <EOM> to indicate “end of message”. This will save time.


  1. Use graphics and attachments These can be fun, but they can be really slow.


  1. Don’t send email questions that you can find elsewhere and respond to email with statements not more questions. Be respectful of everyone’s  time.


  1. If you’re sending an attachment larger than five megabytes to a large group of recipients, consider putting it on the company’s


  1. Be specific. If you are sending a large attachment, let the recipient know that the important information is on page 15, for instance. If you are clear and provide all the information the recipient needs in your 1st e-mail, it will eliminate a need for multiple e-mails going back and forth.


Create e-mails that are useful, not wasteful.

To your success!