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Sometimes going to another event and meeting new people is just not what I really want to do. Especially when I am not sure I will know many people, I can find lots of reasons not to go. However, networking is such a great way to build your business and improve your career.


So, before you go to the next event I want you to remember to……




One person to CONNECT with.

Find just one new person that you really enjoy talking with and you have things in common with. Ideally this is someone that you can call later. Have coffee and go over what your business is and hear more of his or her business. You might even become referral sources for each other.

One person to RE-CONNECT with.

Look for someone you haven’t seen in a while. Someone who can tell you what is new. Find out if there is any way you can help them in their business. This would also be someone to go have lunch with later.

One person to CONTRIBUTE to.

Talk with someone and look for ways to help her. Is she looking for a job? Can you introduce her to someone? Do you know someone who could use his product or service? How can you contribute to this person? Give more!

E3 Networking LASER questions