13 Marketing Strategies Your Competition May Be Using

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                Marketing is selling. True or False? False, marketing is a one –way communication whereas selling is a two-way communication. One of the best distinctions I’ve heard is marketing makes your phone ring and selling is what you do after you’ve picked up the phone.  Marketing is always changing while selling stays the same.  Chances are your competition is using more than one of these...

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8 Things About The Sales Process You Want To Know

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                Recently I was working with the two owners of a successful business when I made the statement, “Everybody knows the basic sales process.” At the same time they both said, “Tell us again.” I realized that it never hurts to go over the basics. Here are 8 things about the sales process you want to know:   Investigation Find out about the prospect. Look up the website. Ask your...

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Finding The Gap with Elleni Williams

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Lesson #12 in 100 Entrepreneurs 100 Lessons Find The Gap with Elleni Williams. Elleni is the owner/CEO of Organic Brilliance LLC in Nashville, TN.  She is an inventor, researcher, world traveler, lover of the outdoors and nature. Her mission is to motivate others toward a healthier lifestyle.  Elleni and her husband, Henry, chairman and CFO of Organic Brilliance, LLC operate their company out of Nashville, TN.  Their product line is Rich...

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Reflection on 2014

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            Wow, did 2014 ever go-fast!! Here it is, the first of January literally hours into the New Year. When I look back on 2014 I find valuable insights and treasures.   I’d like to share my reflections with you.  I think you will find as I did, that by answering these questions you begin to outline your success in 2015.   After answering these, I realized I may need your support on some of...

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7 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Day

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  “Success in life is founded upon attention to the small things rather than to the large things.”    -Booker T. Washington No matter what you do, we all only have 24 hours in a day. What you do with that time determines how productive or unproductive you’ll be. When you commit to these 7 simple steps you’ll find it is possible to get the most out of your day. Here are the seven steps to making the most of your day: 1. Plan...

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Emanuel Roland; Strategic Connections

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Lesson #10 in 100 Entrepreneurs 100 Lessons Strategic Connections Emanuel O Roland II, Photographer, Artist, Owner and Photographic Specialist at Roland’s Photography. Since 1999 Mr. Roland has captured the smile and the Love Jones moments of people’s lives through photographic art. When not standing behind the lens of a camera, you may find him cycling, riding his motorcycle or playing a game of pool (be careful though, we’ve heard...

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