Do The Hustle with Tim Davis

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Lesson #8 in 100 Entrepreneurs 100 Lessons Do the Hustle. Tim Davis, Business Development Manager at CMG Financial, Marketing Consultant, Inspirational Speaker at TIM DAVIS- The Marketing Evangelist AND Speaker, Trainer and Business Coach at The John Maxwell Team. Tim works with small business owners, mortgage lenders and real estate agents. He helps them identify their brand, build a loyal customer base and create the business they love. Tim...

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Three Strategies to Keep Marketing Alive

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Mile Marker #50 on your Roadmap to Success New Customers for Old Packages New Services for Old Customers New Packages for Old Services 1. New Customers for Old Packages: During your company’s initial growth spurt, you are often too busy to do the necessary activities to obtain new customers. Sometimes you are working ten to twelve hours per day, just to fulfill orders you have. However, new customers are the lifeblood of any business....

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The Sales Style of our Presidents

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Mile Marker #43 on your Roadmap to Success Don’t you think that the hardest sales job in our country is held by our president? First he sells us on the idea he will make a great president and we need to vote for him. Then he has to sell us on the positions he takes, the bills he signs into law, and the overall direction he leads the country. I found the following information on the sales style of presidents Reagan, Clinton, and Bush in The...

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Seven Selling Truths

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Mile Marker #42 on your Roadmap to Success 1. Nobody likes to be sold, but everybody likes to buy. 2. Selling is a natural extension of rapport building. 3. Find out what customers like, want, and need, and then show them how to get it. 4. Gather information before proposing a solution, or you’ll be shooting in the dark. 5. Information gathering is supposed to be a conversation, not an inquisition. 6. Rapport building thrives on mutual...

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Three Steps to Make Selling Easier

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Mile Marker #40 on your Roadmap to Success We all have to sell — whether it is a product to a potential customer, or an idea to our boss, or which college our teenager should attend. However, when we have to sell a product in order to make a living this process can seem so difficult. Here are three steps that will make this process much easier. Prospect learns about you and your service or product. It is much easier when the prospect...

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Five Tips for Selling in the 21st Century

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Mile Marker #39 on Your Roadmap to Success Selling is selling, right? Wrong! Current research shows us that there are some things that salespeople are taught that work against them, not for them. Here are five tips based on current research. Don’t walk in and make small talk. Remember when we were taught to establish rapport with small talk? You were to go in to the office and notice what the prospect was interested in, i.e., golfing...

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