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                  Your message is the primary way to establish your brand. There are four ways to develop powerful marketing messages.   Relevant   Credible   Unique   Memorable   Relevant: Your message should strike a response that meets a need or a want in your customer. Example: Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” reflects both the frustration we have with our...

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7 Essentials for Your Sales Presentation

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                  “Don’t sell life insurance, sell what life insurance can do.”  –Ben Feldman In your initial interview with your prospect, ask enough questions to determine if this prospect actually has the problems, needs, and/or wants that your product or service solves. If she/he does, then make a sales presentation. The Goal of the Sales Presentation is to show how your product meets...

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The Power of Questions

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    The questions we ask determine our lives. This is a profound statement, don’t you think?   Your business will flourish when you ask questions. What market do I serve best? What strategies will reach my customers? What do I do best? How can I improve my products?   Your relationships will flourish when you ask questions. How can I be more supportive? What is really needed here? What am I assuming? Where can we...

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Facts Tell but Stories Sell

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                        In order to gain the attention of your prospect about your products and services, there is no better way than to tell a Story! “The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies both to individuals and institutions.”                                         ...

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13 Marketing Strategies Your Competition May Be Using

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                Marketing is selling. True or False? False, marketing is a one –way communication whereas selling is a two-way communication. One of the best distinctions I’ve heard is marketing makes your phone ring and selling is what you do after you’ve picked up the phone.  Marketing is always changing while selling stays the same.  Chances are your competition is using more than one of these...

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Six Steps to Great Sales Meetings

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                  Begin by always expecting good things to happen. –Tom Hopkins The most powerful Sales Meetings are those in which everyone knows what is expected of them and participates. Strive for team contribution. Design your meetings using your entire sales team.  Follow these 6 steps:   Plan for regular meetings. Have an agenda and stick to it. Watch the clock. Set...

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