Your message is the primary way to establish your brand. There are four ways to develop powerful marketing messages.


  1. Relevant


  1. Credible


  1. Unique


  1. Memorable


Relevant: Your message should strike a response that meets a need or a want in your customer. Example: Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” reflects both the frustration we have with our cellular service and the expectation that we will have good, clear reception with their service.


Credible: Your message should have integrity. You must be able to fulfill the promise of your message beyond a shadow of a doubt. “Response within the hour” is a huge commitment. Can you live up to this? Will your market believe you?


Unique: This message needs to stand for only you and what you do. Example: “Just do it.” Do I even have to tell you the brand name?


Memorable: This message needs to be something that is repeatable. Not only do you want it to link immediately to you when it is heard but you want it to be something people can and will repeat. “Where’s the beef?” How long has it been since this aired? Yet, do you remember which burger company ran this one?


Create your own brand

- Your own identity



An excerpt from Susan DePue’s book AIM. FIRE. GROW.