7 Essentials for Your Sales Presentation










“Don’t sell life insurance, sell what life insurance can do.”

 –Ben Feldman

In your initial interview with your prospect, ask enough questions to determine if this prospect actually has the problems, needs, and/or wants that your product or service solves. If she/he does, then make a sales presentation.

The Goal of the Sales Presentation is to show how your product meets their needs, solves their problems, or gives them what they want. You will want to show them what they need to see and hear in order to buy.

Tell the story from beginning to end, with your props. Demonstrate with emotional proof. Involve them. Remember to keep your mind on the person, not the presentation, focus on the prospect. Don’t just tell them, show them with examples, before and after pictures, actual testimonials, pictures of event, and the money you saved others. Getting to yes requires answering the how, what and why.

Make your Sales Presentation rock with these seven essentials:

1. Your company’s name and mission.
2. Name and core benefit of your service package.
3. Overview of the package.
4. Each step of the package, one step per page, as many pages as needed.
5. Price, terms, and details.
6. Summary of the package and core benefit.
7. Conclude with a strong image of the difference your service will make in the business/life of your prospect.

Action Plan:

What will you do this week to improve your sales presentation?