As owner, president, and/or CEO, there are five things I believe you must do for yourself.  I work on all five of these.  Some I do better than others.  I find that sometimes I am better at some than others.  The only thing I am consistent about is my inconsistency.  I always know areas where I need to improve.

1.     Stay current!
I read magazines, books, and blogs.  I meet with other business owners to learn their latest techniques, their concerns, their challenges and their wins; I attend seminars and add services.  In 2013 I added the 7 Stages of Business Growth.

2.     Stay committed!
I continually review my goals to determine if I am on track.  I do this for my clients as well.  It is important to know where you are.
Are you moving forward?
Are you growing?
I am reminded that in order to reach my goals, I must stay focused.


1.  Think about it – 5%
2.  Decide to do it – 10%
3.  Write smart goal – 20%
4.  Develop written action steps – 30%
5.  Validate congruent alignment – 50%
6.  Commit to another (Mentor, Coach) – 77%
7.  Read affirmation and goals at least at 4 regular intervals Daily – 98%

3.     Stay involved!

I believe you need to stay involved in your business community.  We have so many opportunities in Nashville to network, to serve and to learn.  I have chosen to be active in the Nashville Association of Women Business Owners  (NAWBO) and CABLE, a large networking organization.  There are so many others I would like to attend, Tennessee Coaches Alliance, The Nashville Chamber, The Sales Executives, BNI and maybe one of the breakfast clubs.  Instead of joining all of these and spreading myself too thin, I chose two.  I am most involved in NAWBO, having served as President.

This is the gift NAWBO presented me with at the end of my presidency.


It is handmade by one of our local artisans, Pat Matranga.


4.     Stay centered

Take time for your family, Time to relax, Time for fun, Time for coffee and doing nothing.





5.     Stay fit.

Over the years, when I am very busy, I will let being healthy and fit become a second priority.  I am more committed than ever to make health a top priority in my life.  I am walking more, eating better and getting more rest.  I try to make all of this as much fun as possible.







It hasn’t been easy this winter.  It has been so cold!  It was 17 degrees this morning.  I have great new “gadgets” to make this fun.  ( fitbit and MyFitnessPal)

Now it’s your turn! What are some of the practices you live by?

Do you use any of the strategies above? If not, what’s one thing you would add?