The sales proposal is the heart beat of your business. It is one of the most powerful tools you have in your arsenal. Here are 4 keys to a winning proposal:

Criteria: Ask enough questions to determine if the prospect you are meeting with actually has the problems, needs, and/or wants that your product or service solves. If he/she does, then you will need to make a sales presentation.

Goal of the Sales Proposals: You want them to see how your product meets their needs, solves their problems, or gives them what they want.  You want to show them what they need to see and hear in order to buy.

Guidelines for the Sales Proposals:  Tell the story from beginning to end, with your props.  Involve them. Remember to keep your mind on the person, not the presentation.  Don’t just tell them, show them. With examples, before and after pictures, actual testimonials, and the money you saved others, pictures of event. Case Study: I recently visited two different cosmetic surgeons. They both met with me. They were both very nice and personable. They both made recommendations for me. However, one then sent me off to a really nice room with the nurse to look at before and after pictures of satisfied patients. The other one sent me off to decide which of these procedures I thought might work for me. Which one made me want to get out the check book?  Exactly, the one that showed me the pictures is the one I wanted to use.

Outline for the Sales Proposals:

  1. Company’s name and mission
  2. Name and core benefit of service package
  3. Overview of the package
  4. Each step of package, one step per page, as many pages as needed
  5. Price, terms, and details
  6. Summary of package and Core Benefit
  7. Conclude with a strong image of the difference your service will make in the business/life of your prospect.

Now step out and make yourself invaluable.