Marketing Strategies









Marketing is selling. True or False?

False, marketing is a one –way communication whereas selling is a two-way communication.

One of the best distinctions I’ve heard is marketing makes your phone ring and selling is what you do after you’ve picked up the phone.  Marketing is always changing while selling stays the same.  Chances are your competition is using more than one of these strategies.  What strategies are you using?

Here are 13 marketing strategies your competition may be using:


Join organizations and go to meetings in order to increase the number of people to introduce to your products and services.

Social Media

Take advantage of social media and build brand awareness. Here you can build brand credibility, increase your exposure and marketing costs are very low.


Write articles, books and newsletters about your industry for your target customers.  Write a blog to use in your social media.

Annual Reviews

Annually meet with all of your best customers to evaluate their current situation. This is an excellent time to add more products and ask for referrals.


Advocates are well-connected people who know, like and believe in you.  They are willing to refer you to others. Develop this group and contact them monthly.


Develop one or two very interesting speeches about your industry. Volunteer to give this speech to the networking groups attracting your target market.  This is a great way to build credibility and meet prospects.


Write an online newsletter about your product for your current clients, prospects and advocates. The purpose of an online newsletter is to build your list and keep your name in front of these people as well as keep them educated on your products.  Warning: Use caution when sending these newsletters. So many people are using newsletters you can get lost in all the email traffic.


Sponsor events that your target audience will attend. Host events for your customer and prospects.


Choose places to advertise that will reach your target audience.


Having a great website is a good start to online marketing. Use tools to drive prospects to your site. When appropriate give them things to buy from your site.

Direct Mail

Use this for pre-approach letters and new offerings. Again give your mail a lot of thought.


This method is still an option in some industries. It can be inbound or outbound.

Trade Shows

Most effective when you send a letter prior to the show to attendees giving a reason to come to your booth. Then, capture the names of those visiting your booth and follow up.


Consider which of these strategies will be most effective for your business. Choose two to four of these strategies and decide how you and your team can further develop them.


 “Strategy without process is little more than a wish list” – Bob Filek